For the location that replaced the volcano, please view Pressure Plant.

The Volcano was an unnamed location in Fortnite: Battle Royale that was added to the game with Season 8. It was the home of the Prisoner and his soldiers, the Hybrids.


The volcano functioned similarly to the Floating Island; players would be blown upwards when entering it, but could resist against the current by flying against it. The interior of the volcano contained a platform with The Prisoner's throne and 2 Hybrid eggs.


During the events of Season 8, a rune would shine a beam towards the volcano before entering its respective spot inside of Loot Lake. This caused the volcano to start smoking more and more, until its eruption at the end of the Unvaulting.

On May 4th, 2019, the volcano erupted. The meteors destroyed half of Retail Row, struck Polar Peak's iceberg with a crack, and destroyed all of Tilted Towers, thus marking its final appearance.


At the start of Season 9, the volcano was destroyed, most of the lava was extracted, and a pressure plant was created to convert the lava into a form of energy.

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Another look of the volcano.

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