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Wargames is a Feature in Fortnite: Save the World that was added in the Patch v9.00 Update. In Patch v10.00, Wargames support was dropped. War Games is a Storm Shield Simulation that involves defending Storm Shields with unique modifiers.


In order to play Wargames, a modifier needs to be added. These Modifiers determine the kind of gameplay you receive.


  • Torn Apart - A Tornado appears at the start of the simulation and slowly destroys building, and launches enemies into the air. However it also launches players into the air, and doesn't prevent fall damage.
  • Hot Spots - Lava pools move around the Storm shield and destroys buildings, hurts players and turns enemies into the Fire element.
  • Denied - Anomaly Rifts appear around the Battlefield and Hurts players if they come to close, they don't drain energy however.
  • Safety Zone -The Storm shield is being turned off and players have to stay inside Mini Storm Shield to avoid being damaged by the Storm. Husks also target the Mini Storm shields first before the main Storm shield.
  • Mist Pods - Husk Pods appear around the map, and players must destroy them as soon as they appear. if the Pod hatches a Epic Mini-boss is spawned.
  • Space Rocks - Meteors will fall from the sky and damage players, husks and buildings. They need to be shot down to prevent them from doing any Damage.
  • Hexed - A Curse is placed on your character and to remove it you must activate aztec statues.
  • Meltdown - The storm shield emits a cloud of radiation that expands over time, damaging players.

Special Mechanics

  • Time Cheats - Skip 15 seconds on the Timer
  • Fog - Makes everything hard to see (Only in the Rolling Fog Modifier)
  • Pods - Spawn Epic Mini-bosses if not destroyed (only available during the Mist Pods Modifier)
  • Meteors - Rain down from the Sky and Damage anything that comes in contact (Only in the Space Rocks Modifier)
  • Aztec Statues - Clean your character from a Curse (Only in Hexed Modifier)
  • Tornado - Launches player and husks upwards (Only in Torn Apart Modifier)
  • Mini Storm Shield - a smaller Storm shield that players must stand in to Survive (Only in Safety Zone Modifier)
  • Lava Pools - Destroy Building, Damage Players and Turn husks in Fire Husks (Only in Hot Spots Modifier)
  • Invincible Smashers - Work like normal smashers but they are indestructible (Only in Double Troule Modifier)
  • UFO - a UFO that can send out a giant lazer that destroys everything in one shot (Only in Invasion Modifier)
  • Radiation Barrier - A Barrier that functions like the storm only lowers visibility (Only in Meltdown Modifier)
  • Bomb - an unstable bomb that acts like a second target, if destroyed destroyes a large ammount of buildings (Only in Quantum Countdown Modifier)