Hi! Welcome to the Weapons and Strategies page. This page will show you the strategies of all the weapons in Battle Royale. Lets jump right into it!

Assault Rifles

Auto Assault Rifle (M16): use in medium range combat.This highly versatile gun gives a constant rate of fire offers a powerful advantage against players building cover. Good for taking down other structures as well.

Burst Assault Rifle (AK47) : use in medium range combat. The burst of 3 rounds can be useful, especially in combat situations. This gun can deal efficient damage when shots are landed, and the burst offers a high ammo conservancy rate. Use over the Auto in a combat situation is recommended.

Heavy Assault Rifle (AKM) : use in medium to long range combat. Almost a combination of the Burst and Auto, this gun packs a slow rate of fire but a serious punch. Dealing significant damage, the Heavy is the superior assault rifle of the game. This gun can take down wood and brick structures in a hurry, like the Auto.


Pistol (M1911) :