The X-4 Stormwing was an available vehicle in Fortnite Battle Royale, resembling a biplane. It has room for five players, two in the back, two on either side, and one driver. Similar to the Quadcrasher, there was a boost ability. There was also a mounted machine gun, dealing 30 damage per hit with a fire rate of 6 bullets per seconds. It was possible for the turret to overheat. The Stormwing has underwent plenty of nerfs since its initial release at the dawn of Season 7.


X-4 Stormwings were commonly found in the expedition outposts around the map, with up to four spawning at each, making for great mobility. They could be found at the houses surrounding The Block, they can be found at the houses around Salty Springs, south of Pleasant Park, north of Happy Hamlet, west of Lonely Lodge, west of Tomato Temple and the hangars south of Frosty Flights.


Over the course of its existence, the plane recieved several nerfs, most of which completely changed its initial mechanics:

  • Removed its ability to ram through structures.
  • Decreased the turret's accuracy by 20%.
  • Changed the plane's spawn rate to 50%.
  • Any players on a plane will now take 50 health points if the plane is destroyed.
  • Added plane damage for hitting structures.

Removal and Leaks

At the start Season 8, planes have been vaulted. In their place in the Expedition Outposts are Ballers.

Near the beginning of Season 8, 2 sound files were found that seemingly displayed a plane running out of fuel. Not very long after, a small twitch streamer found a plane in the game, despite its vaulting. This time, however, the plane had a fuel bar on the left side of the driver seat. The bar never went down, so it seems that the feature was not fully implemented and the plane was never meant to be found in-game.

Air Royale

In Season 8, an duos LTM is added called “Air Royale”, where the goal is to destroy other planes by using a variety of weapons and boosts to become the last duo standing.


  • With the changes in 7.13, ramming through structures is far more risky. Your plane will take a ton of damage.
  • You could try flying a plane the entire game, but you will eventually get shot down, so don't try that playstyle.
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