XP (short for eXperience Points) can be earned through:

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  • Matches
  • Daily Challenges (prior to Season X)
  • Weekly Challenges (prior to Season X)
  • Missions (since Season X)
  • Medals (since C2-S1)
  • Others - Eliminating opponents, finding XP Coins, opening Chests, hitting at weak spots, and more.

An accurate XP table can be found here.

XP Chart: How to Earn

Below is a full chart on different ways to earn XP.

Action Amount of XP Earned
Searched Ammo Box 95
Searched Chest 130
Searched Supply Drop 135
Shakedown 100
Knocked Opponent 25
Eliminated Opponent 150
Battle Medal Earned 150
Battle Medal Upgraded 110
Battle Medal Maxed
Purple XP Coin Fragment 125
Green XP Coin 450
Blue XP Coin 700
Gold XP Coin 2000
New Storm Circle 140


XP has been in the game since the beginning. By playing the game, you can level up in order to get rewards. In C2-S1, XP became really important in progressing the Battle Pass, and in C2-S2, XP was vital to get to Level 300 just to unlock the Golden Agent for Agent Peely.

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