Icon XP XL

The XP Boost is a Resource that when activated, gives the Commander (player character using the item) XP boost points. The player will earn 30% additional experience for themselves and 5% for their teammates. This XP boost will stack with other XP bonuses including the Teammate XP Boost

The duration of the XP Boost and the Teammate XP Boost is not determined by play time or real time, instead the boosts will remain active until the player has earned the XP amount shown on the XP Boost menu. 

In the more recent updates made it where you now get 110% XP Boost when it used to be only 110% in season 2! The XP Boost works so when a player plays a match and receive 120 XP and they have a 120% XP Boost they will get 120 more XP added to there original amount!