Yonder Yard was an unnamed location located in the southwest of the Battle Royale map. It was an unnamed location north of Happy Hamlet and formerly Flush Factory. It was not named, but many people had nicknamed it Yonder Yard because DJ Yonder has converted part of the place into a dance club.

Flush Factory - Nightclub inside - Fortnite


Yonder Yard started as five warehouses introduced in Season 2. In Season 6, the northwestern warehouse was changed into a dance club. In Season 7, it was changed further as the iceberg destroyed 2 warehouses and partially destroyed 1. The dance club and one other warehouse survived. In the The End Event, Yonder Yard was sucked into the black hole with nearly every location on the map.


Yonder Yard used to contain 5 warehouses. 3 of those were destroyed in Season 7. Outside the dance club, it has a truck and a tent with a campfire. Outside the warehouse are containers. The dance club has a lot of challenges with it. One of the lost spray cans of the Search 5 lost spraycans challenge was found by this tent.

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