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Chapter 2 Season 6 launches on March 16 with the explosive conclusion of the events of Season 5. When you first launch into the new Season, you’ll play through the conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission in the Zero Crisis Finale. The aftermath of this event is sure to shape Reality as we know it.
— Epic Games

Zero Crisis Finale was a Live Event in Fortnite: Battle Royale in which players will play with Agent Jones to complete his mission. It starts when you open up the game in Chapter 2: Season 6 for the first time and is solo, although it canonically happens at the transition point of Chapter 2: Season 5 into Chapter 2: Season 6.


Right after the events of the Story Cinematic of Chapter 2: Season 6, a looper (The player), which Jones recognises from The Device event, is brought into action to help both Agent Jones and The Foundation to help fix the Zero Point.


The Looper appears, and Jones recruits them to help him save reality. The Foundation flies up and goes inside the unstable Zero Point. As he starts fixing the Zero Point, reality starts breaking apart and portals appear (Although. The Foundation states they are not portals).

Jones starts to close the portals, and succeeds in closing one - This causes a flower blossom to appear in the sky. The Foundation warns them to watch out for Reality Waves. Jones states "Reality waves can change anything in a blink-" but is cut off as one occurs. This changes Jones into a Rift Butterfly and the player turns into Glyph Master Raz.

The Looper is told to use Jones' Portal device to close all the portals. After closing the next one, they face the problem that the other portals are too far away. Luckily for them though, Jones can teleport them to each one.

As the player/looper and Agent Jones teleport and close each portal, reality waves and events occur along the way. These being:

  • Hunters fighting with Assault Rifles and Rocket Launchers block their path. A reality wave changes the surroundings into greenery with Autumnal trees, and the player turns into Cluck.
    • John Jones also says "I spent my whole life studying the Zero Point, and this is the first time I've really seen it..."
  • Next, the surroundings are very dark and foggy with crashed cars on fire and Wolves howling and running away. Salty Towers could be seen in the background.
    The next reality wave occurs, and the player turns into Lara Croft with Boney Burbs now replacing The Suburban-Urban hybrid.
  • After this they arrive to the last portal, where they are ambushed by two T-800s on a Choppa with a Minigun. They try to eliminate the looper/player, but a reality wave occurs before this. They were turned into Chickens and the looper turns back to their original Outfit.

With the last portal closed, it looks to be completed as a giant flower blossom fills the sky once more and The Zero point begins to close and seal. The colors surrounding it are intense. But suddenly, the blossom starts swelling and turning red and black. The Zero point also separates again with it.
The Foundation states it's not enough to completely fix it, and is left with one last option. he needs to contain the blast to prevent reality from ending, so he forms a tower of stone leading up to the Zero Point.

Jones teleports the looper and himself to the bottom of this forming tower. They run up the side of it as crystals and rocks come out the ground. They then fly up to a staircase along the tower, and run towards the top.
As you reach the top, the butterfly Jones turns back to his normal self. The looper is blasted off the platform to fly and watch as a bystander. The Foundation says there'll be no other chance, and that Jones needs to overload the Device to seal off the Zero Point.

Jones objects saying "Overload the device?! I'll be trapped in the loop!" The Foundation states they'll both have to fight their way back, and that they should not give up. He also says that he will find Jones and that he should tell him everything. Jones says "You have my word!" and overloads the device.
This seals The Foundation in, and The Spire is complete. Thus trapping Jones in the loop for a while.


  • This event can be rewatched multiple times using a Limited Time Mode.
    • This was due to an issue at the start of the season, and Epic did this to compensate.
  • The event could not be viewed in replay mode.
  • This is the first Solo event, And the last one of Chapter 2.
  • You were able to see Agent Jones' device was named the "Portal Device" if you were far away from it.
  • Images of different scenes from the Travis Scott's Astronomical were shown inside the portals.
  • When Chickens appeared, you could fire the Rift Device at them and they would be flung in the air.
  • There is a glitch where the player can enter both the Butter Barn, and Kit's Cantina if they equipped the Wolverine outfit and used the Built-In Emote, Snikt!, and then hit it as if you had a Harvesting Tool.




Audio Dialogue
JONES: Nevermind. Look sharp, we're saving reality.
FOUNDATION: What did you do to the Zero Point?
JONES: Well, we're not giving up.
(Foundation Forcing Bloom)
We've got Portals, not good.
So... we should close them?
Yep. Gotcha, we're on it.
Reality Waves can change anything in the blink of -
I'm a Butterfly.
I'm a Butterfly now, so... NO!
There is no way this is good... but it is beautiful.
I spent my whole life studying the Zero Point...
And this is the first time I've really seen it...
I feel like reality just doesn't like me.
You look... Amazing.
Sorry about this, normally we do stuff you know and help. but er... Butterfly.
Look at you running around not being a Butterfly. must be nice.
Haha! Uh. Well done!
Whoa... That's intense.
Uh, everything okay up there?
FOUNDATION: But i might be able to contain the blast!
(Foundation in Pain)
JONES: He must be sealing himself in...
He needs our help, come on!
Overload the Device?!
I'll be trapped in the Loop!
FOUNDATION: And you will tell me everything.
JONES: You have my word!
Here... we... GO!