Zoey is an epic rarity outfit for Battle Royale. It can be unlocked in the Season 4 Battle Pass at Tier 47.

Back Bling

Zoey's Back Bling is a Backpack full of sweets. In the middle of the bag, there is a star-shaped zipper. Near the bottom of the bag, there are light green stitches. The top half of the bag is pink while the bottom part is navy green. Some sweets found on the bag are lollipop, gumdrops, and a candy cane.


Zoey's Pickaxe is a two-sided lollipop with most of the stick covered in chocolate. On one side, the lollipop is red and on the other, it's green.


Zoey's glider is a pink glider with candies on the top and behind the glider.